Halloween Bingo – almost filled my card!

Christine; 9.29.2021

Woohoo! I only have one square left to fill for this bingo game, and then I have finished my entire card. I left Murder Most Foul for the end of the game, since that is one of the easiest squares for me to fill.

I checked out Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens to fill the square. I’m at about 30%, and I’m not loving it, but I’m not hating it, either. The first section has all focused on the character named Hailey. I reached the second section last night, right before my exhaustion took over and I couldn’t read any more.

Adding graphics to the rules

The rules as written here are clear to me but I think that’s mainly because I’ve played the game a few times. I’m not sure that they’d be clear to new players. I’m also not sure if that matters.

If we want to make the rules easier to absorb, I suggest:

  1. Let’s add some graphics with examples of squares being blocked out and with examples of possible bingos
  2. We could also add that part of the fun of the game is working out what markers to use and giving examples of those from previous games.
  3. We could split the rules into sections to make them easier to search. For example
    1. The objective of the game: bingo – blackout bingo – first four bingos – just having fun
    2. Your Bingo Card and How to change it:
      1. Link to total description of all the squares
      2. Spell Cards and how to use them
    3. The status of a square and how to claim it
    4. How the game is played
      1. Finding books that fit
      2. How calls work: when they happen. how you’re notified, where to find the master list.
      3. How to claim a bingo
      4. How to get help
      5. How to share what you’re doing and see what other people are doing.