An odd thing happened to me on the way to The Secret Reading Room…

Today I wanted to copy a Post into a Project and delete the original Post. Easy-peasey.

Except, when I went into the site directly and clicked on New I was taken to the is

And repeatedly got this:

Everything was very slow and I gave up.

It reminded me of being on BL on a bad day

I came back to my own WP site, clicked on Switch Site. Went to The Secret Reading Room and everything is fine, except I don’t get access to the same control panel

Anyway, I’m going to try and do everything from here but I thought I’d check to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

Restructuring the Block Editor Guide

Following TA’s feedback, I’m going to make the following changes to the Block Editor Guide. I should have the new version available for review by end of Friday.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you want any changes to this structure.

Changes to the structure

  • Use Project rather than Page
  • Split the material into shorter sections, each as its own Project
  • Link the Projects together so that it’s easy to navigate between them

Proposed Structure

Master Project that explains structure and makes links to three sub-projects

Gives an explanation of what Blocks do and an overview of the Blocks that are available.

Shows how to find, add, edit and move a Block

Gives details on the basics of how to use each of the eight blocks

HTML anchors will be used at the start of this sub-project and in the master project to allow users to navigate directly to the block that they want to use.

How to use the Block Editor to make your posts look the way you want them to

Added a question: How do I edit a block
Added Slash Command for adding blocks
Added details of the Block editor
Added sections on the key blocks: Image, Header, Quote, Audio
Corrected typos and shortened headingings and text

key block sections on the three Layout blocks: Image and Text, Spacer, Seperator
Last three questions (which are very short answers=
Add HTML anchors to the eight questions to take people to the answers

This post is designed to answer eight questions for new users of the WordPress Block Editor:

What are blocks and why should I use them?

What types of blocks are there?

How do I add a block?

How do I move a block ?

How do I edit a block?

Which blocks do I need most?

How do I check what my post looks like?

What do I do to publish a post?

Where do I go if I want to learn more?

Click on any question to go directly to that part of this post.

What are blocks and why should I use them?

The WordPress Block Editor is like a box of Lego, with different designs of bricks that you can use to build a post. 

The bricks are blocks. Some blocks offer you an easy way to way of adding and customising particular types of content to your post, such as pre-formatted text, images, and embedded links to audio and video content. Other blocks help you layout your post the way you want it to be.

Your finished post is built out of blocks, assembled in the shape you want them to be, without you having to use any shortcodes, custom HTML or code.

A proposal on what to do next on Squares

Originally, I wanted to set out a table with the graphic and definition for each square, with links to a page for the square.

The discussion for that is HERE

Then I put the squares in an alphabetised list, all one page, with HTML anchors to speed up navigation

The discussion for that is HERE

I quite like the alphabetical list. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t feel cluttered. It’s made me re-think the idea of a table with all the graphics on.

I propose that we keep the format of the alphabetical list as it is and build a page for each square and link it to the alphabetical list. At the moment, the links on the alphabetical list take you to the graphic, definition and discussion for that square on GoodReads. I’d replace those links with links to new pages.

I imagine the Square Page as being similar to what’s on GR:

  • The Square Graphic
  • The Square Definition
  • A curated list of books that fit the square.

I’d start by copying across most of the information on the relevant page from GR. We can then curate the booklist and check it’s still current.

Later we can link the booklist to a Games Library which would show all of the books listed for a square and all of the squares that they’re listed for.

Please give me your thoughts. Once we’re agreed, I’ll set up a demo Square Page.

GDPR Stuff

I find this infographic helpful. If you’re interested, it’s easiest to read as a PDF

The best source I know of for the EU view on this stuff is here:

Here’s the Brit version:

Here’s what being sold for WP sites:


My fourth week of Halloween Bingo felt very relaxed. I finished three books and enjoyed all of them.

.’World Of Trouble’ was the last book in a trilogy about the end of the world that I’ve been putting off reading, partly because I thought it might be too sad. It was sad but not in a maudlin way. The ending was beautiful and perfect. I’m very glad I finally read this one.

‘Burn Bright’ was my fifth visit with Anna and Charles and was the best book in the series so far. I picked it for my Raven square partly because it gave me a potential bingo and partly because I was in the mood for more Patricia Briggs.

I enjoyed learning about the Wildings, werewolves too broken to live with the pack and too dangerous to live with humans. The central mystery was good and the action was compelling. As usual though, what I enjoyed most was getting to know the characters better. 

‘Shadowlands’ was a last minute decision. I wanted something light and quick to fill my Sunday and the Trick Or Treat square offered me another potential bingo.

I’d never read Meg Cabot before. She delivered a light, entertaining Young Adult tale about a teenager who can talk to the dead. Most of the mileage came from our heroine’s move to Carmel from NYC but there was also a baddy worthy of a Buffy Season 1 episode. It was a pleasant way to spend five hours.

So this is my current Halloween Bingo Library:

The game is 44% through at this point and I’ve read half of my books. I’m hoping to get a bingo this week. So far I have:

  • eight squares read and called
  • three squares called but not read
  • six squares read but not called.