Bingo Rules


Every morning between September 1 and October 31, OB or I will alternately announce a bingo call as a post on the feed.

In order to “claim” a square, it needs to be called and you need to have finished a book for the square. So, there are basically 4 statuses for each square on your card:

read by you, but not called
Called, but not read
neither called nor read
both called and read

Only the fourth status “completes” the square for purposes of getting a bingo. In other words, before you can completely mark off a square, it has to have been called and you have to have read a book to fulfill it.

Each square will be called by the end of the game, so everyone will be able to black out if they choose to. Getting a bingo happens when you have 5 in a row – horizontal, vertical or diagonal. We don’t recognize 4 corners bingos in Halloween Bingo.

This sounds more complicated when I explain it than it actually is. The trickiest part is tracking the calls and your completed books, because you do not need to wait for the square to be called to read a book. Start reading when the moderators tell you to start reading – which will be close to September 1, but we are notorious for giving you head starts – finish as many books as you can in whatever order you choose to read them, and then once the call is made, you can claim the square.