The Bingo Squares Test Layout

This is a sample layout for displaying Bingo Squares

I‘ve loaded the definition of the square in the subtitle field of the image for the square in the media library.

I’ve used a two column layout. As you can see, keeping the images level across the columns isn’t automatic. I’ve tried to deal with it by adding spacers. There is probably a better solution but we only need to get this right once. We can reduce the problem by editing the descriptions to make them similar lengths and making all the images the same size on this page.

The squares could be displayed in alphabetical order.

The page could be an infinite scroll, showing all 62 squares

or we could have two or three pages, split in alphabetical order

or we can put a heading for e.g. A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T. U-Z with HTML Anchors that we can then link to from the top of the page. That is, someone clicks on F-T at the top of the page and will be taken to that heading lower down the page.

It’s possible to add a link to each image to take a player to a page devoted to that square which could add a curated book list.

I’ve added a comments field to this page. Please let me know what you think.

Table version of 62 square with text in rows rather than caption

I switched to a table version after initial feedback. It’s not WYSIWYG in the block editor but it works in Preview

Books set in tropical locations, or other places where there is extreme heatAny mystery /horror /supernatural /suspense book that involves plague, disease, viruses, parasites, etc. It’s likely that zombies would fit here as well, depending upon the mechanism by which they become zombies.
Books containing witches, warlocks, sorcerors and witchcraftAny mystery /horror / supernatural / suspense book that is also intended to be humorous or funny.
Any mystery involving sports, sporting events, athletic contests, games mistresses or PE teachers, as well as card games and other games of chance.Any horror / mystery / suspense / supernatural book that contains either mad scientists or evil geniuses/supervillains, secret lairs, secret labs, genetically altered creatures or anything similar
Books set in tropical locations, or other places where there is extreme heat.Anything that fits into the mystery genre.

12 thoughts on “The Bingo Squares Test Layout

  1. My only niggle is the alignment. It’s not a deal breaker, though. How did you build this – with the block editor, or in a table? If you used a table, we might be able to fix the alignment by defining a specified height to the rows.

    Otherwise, I like it, it looks nice and the layout is clean. If we use this size square, I’d suggest infinite scroll plus the A-Z anchors.

  2. Definitely like the table layout better as it aligns everything up neatly.

    I think the squares ought to be a bit smaller though, and that way we can fit more on a page.

    Am I the only one that had this post look really weird on the feed page?

    1. I can make the squares smaller. We might be able to go for three columns instead of two. So far, I haven’t figured out how to change the size of the font in the table cells. The usual small/normal/large option isn’t showing up.

      1. I see you’ve done the post using the block editor – let me check to see if I can add those options back in from the Admin.

        I do know in Classic, changing font sizes in cells can be a pain because you either have to highlight the already existing text and change it, or choose the cells without choosing the table and setting font size/face that way.

        1. I was able to add the font size and the font family dropdown menus to the Classic Paragraph and Classic blocks, but I can’t see anyway to add them to the regular block editor (though I did add font color and underline).

  3. OK, call me crazy, but would it be possible to embed a link in the text description box to a new page where we could create a booklist for each category?

    I’m thinking of something where we set up sortable booklists, maybe in Google sheets, for each space category and then embed them in a page with comment capability. I don’t necessarily think we would need to add all of the books to a book database, or even link them to a GR page, because that would be very time consuming, but the booklists are one of the best parts of HB and it would be great to have the capability for them.

    1. That kind of linking can be done a couple of ways – either as a link to another page or to an HTML anchor on another page.

      The comments can be set up easily.

      It might be fun to have a curated but visible nomination area where people recommend the books they’ve most enjoyed reading for a particular square or which they know would be a good fit.

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