Also for TA: Drop down menu in navigation bar.

I created a drop-down menu using css/html, placing it just under the Categories drop down.  Let’s call this a “Proof of Concept”.  It’s currently linking to tag pages.


WP is finicky as hell.  It doesn’t seem to adhere to strict standards, so getting the colors to work to even the point of legibility was a challenge.

I can’t use the typical drop down menu (ie Categories, just above the test) because that uses JavaScript and I have no idea how to implement JS in a WP environment.

That’s also why the menu opens on hover; on click requires JS

The expanded menu – at least in the preview mode – isn’t recognised by the page, so if the menu expands beyond the bottom of the page, it just disappears/isn’t accessible.  This has me concerned about using it for very long lists.

It works though.  🙂

Testing menus with categories and tags

Murder by Death


I attempted to create a menu item that would only display specific categories, hoping to do it based on the character match.  Alas, it didn’t work.  Neither did one with tags.  I might be missing something, because menus do get a bit tricky, but if I didn’t, we might want to rethink how we use categories.   Do we want each user to have their own category, or do we want to use it for site organisation?

Doing both makes for a very unwieldy menu that would be unusable.

Darth Pedant’s Adventures in Pottering, Ep. 01

Apropos of nothing, here’s a random picture of a past cross-stitch project

I did a crafty thing!

that took me over a decade to complete because I noticed a stupid mistake and got so disgusted with myself that I stopped stitching for years. (Not really. There were other mitigating factors too, but that mistake did haunt me until I figured out how to fix it.)

This UI is going to take a little getting used to, but so far I wouldn’t say the learning curve has been any steeper than it was with BL. I like the ease of moving the image around in the post. I don’t remember being able to do that on BL, but maybe you can and I just never figured out how. It’s entirely possible. And yes, I did just add this rambling paragraph to get enough text to see how it wraps around the image. That spacing at the top is going to bug me, isn’t it?