Darth Pedant’s Adventures in Pottering, Ep. 01

Apropos of nothing, here’s a random picture of a past cross-stitch project

I did a crafty thing!

that took me over a decade to complete because I noticed a stupid mistake and got so disgusted with myself that I stopped stitching for years. (Not really. There were other mitigating factors too, but that mistake did haunt me until I figured out how to fix it.)

This UI is going to take a little getting used to, but so far I wouldn’t say the learning curve has been any steeper than it was with BL. I like the ease of moving the image around in the post. I don’t remember being able to do that on BL, but maybe you can and I just never figured out how. It’s entirely possible. And yes, I did just add this rambling paragraph to get enough text to see how it wraps around the image. That spacing at the top is going to bug me, isn’t it?