Restructuring the Block Editor Guide

Following TA’s feedback, I’m going to make the following changes to the Block Editor Guide. I should have the new version available for review by end of Friday.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you want any changes to this structure.

Changes to the structure

  • Use Project rather than Page
  • Split the material into shorter sections, each as its own Project
  • Link the Projects together so that it’s easy to navigate between them

Proposed Structure

Master Project that explains structure and makes links to three sub-projects

Gives an explanation of what Blocks do and an overview of the Blocks that are available.

Shows how to find, add, edit and move a Block

Gives details on the basics of how to use each of the eight blocks

HTML anchors will be used at the start of this sub-project and in the master project to allow users to navigate directly to the block that they want to use.

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