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Given that we could, conceivably, have upwards of 50 people using the permanent site, and that we have unlimited image storage, I thought it would be a good idea to install an image organization plug-in.

I’ve created a folder for each of us currently here (and it’s easy-easy to add them) and I’ve dragged the images we’ve uploaded so far to their respective folders.  I’ve also created a General site folder for images that are related to the site as a whole.

And now, so I can test the uploading, I give you a Pikachu in an apple tree:

That worked really well – I was able to choose my folder before I uploaded the image, so it went straight to the right place.

5 thoughts on “Site image organization

      1. Ok, I’m relieved that it was easy enough to figure out. I’m aware that for each little thing we do to try to make the site more organised, we run the risk of making it too complicated for users to use.

        I also updated my page to reflect my Halloween Bingo card and progress. It will make testing in context a little easier.

  1. Trying to reply to your last comment I discovered that the setting allowing X nested comments isn’t how many levels of nesting, it’s the total number of replies allowed, so I changed that back from 3 to 10.

    Thanks for the page commenting tip; I’d have missed that entirely because I didn’t have the discussion/comments areas active on my screen settings. I found that and turned commenting on for my page too.

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