MbD checking in after doing some googling…

Ok, so it seems that changes made to either pages or portfolio/projects won’t update on the feed.  Which I guess is still ok?  Players can have their own page or project or whatever so they can have a place to keep track of all the details, but then do regular blog posts for updates and book reviews, etc.

Anyway, here’s the current state of my card:

I just did a screenshot, because doing my regular card would require uploading a LOT of images.  Which brings me to a question:  On my regular site, I use a plug in that allows me to keep seperate folders for different images (photos, graphics, book covers, etc) and I was wondering if it would be helpful to get that plug in (it’s free) and create a folder for each user so everyone can better track the images they want to use?  I’m imaging 50+ people uploading images, and then trying to find the ones they want to post.

The sorting isn’t automatic, and would rely on people policing their own uploads to ensure they ended up in the correct folder, but it might be better than no organisation at all?  And there might be a better plug in then the one I’m using, but as a concept, thoughts?

9 thoughts on “MbD checking in after doing some googling…

  1. I set a category for each of the three of us, and then attached our posts to the right person. If you click on our category, you will ultimately get all of our posts separated out. That would be sort of like having our own “folders,” I think?


    I also think that an image folder for each of us would be a great idea.

    1. That works great for posts! What are your thoughts about images and videos? There are a couple of plug-ins (free) that are available that will allow us to upload our media to our own folders (think bingo markers, pet photos, etc). The folders appear on the media pages and would make it easier for users to find their images. We could also have a ‘common’ folder for square images, etc.

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