So, when I visited the site just now…

it offered me the option to log in by connecting my wp account to this one instead of logging in with the user name and password that MbD sent me. I chose to do that,

That’s not going to mess anything up, is it?

5 thoughts on “So, when I visited the site just now…

    1. Not sure what will happen with the new site; since it’s completely private. I think as long as, when we’re ready to start the move over there, you give me the same email as your WP account, it should work fine.

      One of the things it’s possible to offer with the new site are email addresses for each person that’s, that forwards to an email you give me. But doing that will, I think, break the link between your WP user and the user account you have on SRR. More privacy, but separate logins and no gravatar.

      1. I used the same email address for WP as the one I gave you.

        If you think it best, I can unlink the two.

        ETA: I will say though, that when I originally logged in with the password you gave me, it showed me my WP account…like I didn’t have two separate profiles, one for here and one for my other wp blog. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.

        ETA the 2nd: I figured out how to disconnect them, so just let me know if you think it’s best to do so.

        1. No no – not necessary at all. The disconnect will only happen on the new site, and ONLY if you decide to use a @secretreadingroom email address to enter it.

          You are still more than welcome to use your existing WP credentials – and it makes sense to in a lot of ways. We just wanted to offer this option of a dedicated email for those that are really concerned about privacy. Or who don’t already have a WP account and don’t want to use any of the WP features (like the desktop app). And possibly other things I haven’t figured out yet. 🙂

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