So … I needed to test a new theme

So if the site looks wicked different, just know I needed to test this theme.  We’re having some issues on the ‘real’ site and needed to know if this theme solved them.

Carry on…

4 thoughts on “So … I needed to test a new theme

    1. Do you like the layout? Be brutal. We have a different theme up and running on the new site, but it lacks the “like” functionality. We have a work-around plug-in for it, but I’m afraid it’ll break at some point the future b/c the plug-in hasn’t been updated in 8 months.

      This gives us the likes back, but the comments count on the blog page is missing. Gah.

      1. I don’t dislike it, per se, but I liked the other theme better. The one that looked more like BL. But if that theme doesn’t work well for the games, then I can adapt to whatever y’all decide on.

        It’s just different, that’s all.

        1. I like this theme best too, to be honest. 🙂

          Mostly we started considering other themes because the PM and chat were clunky in this theme, and the author tag lines at the bottom are sort of a pain, though not an insurmountable one.

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