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How do you get the mini bio thing to show up in the “Published By” section?

Also, I apologize for not being around much this weekend. I’m still having the issues with my head and neck, plus I may be moving house, and I have been packing non-essential things.

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  1. To get the mini-bio to appear, go into the WP admin area (most easily found in the Meta Links menu, and look for Users in the Admin section, and choose “Profile” or, if you have a toolbar that goes right across the top of your browser window that says “Howdy, Jennifer”, on the right hand side, hover over that and choose “Edit Profile”.

    Scroll down to the About Yourself section and fill in the bio section there and Save. That will then appear in the Published By section as well as on the category feed that you can get to by clicking on your name in the footer.

  2. Also, no need to apologise, RL happens and I hope your head and neck issues are getting better. If moving house is a good thing, yay!; if it’s an unexpected hassle, I’m so sorry. Good or bad, moving sucks.

    1. Thanks! It’s not as bad as it was, and I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, and am hopeful that will help even more. If not, they’ll be sending me to get an MRI.

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