Question for TA about projects, as a user

Checked out the menu … and basically, if you’re just a user creating a Halloween Bingo Post, you just have to make sure you check the category for Halloween Bingo, correct? (Your user category is automatically selected when you save the post.)

Otherwise, projects is just an Admin area to create the bones, so to speak, of the reading project.

I think I’ve been overthinking this.

IF I’m correct about this, then the site architecture is:
Projects for the administrative posts pertaining to reading events (HB, Festive Tasks, Buddy Reads, or whatever);

Pages for static one-off pieces of information (bios; maybe general site rules; faqs) – things that pertain to the site as a whole rather than by project

Posts for all the things all the users want to say about absolutely anything.

Am I on the right track?

(I’ve left out how we use categories and tags for the time being.)

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  1. Totally on the right track, and you’ve summed it up so much better than me! 🙂

    All that site members need to know and care about are posts and (perhaps) pages — and all they need to do to associate their posts with a given reading game / group read etc. is to check off the relevant box in the “categories” field.

    In addition, they can tag their posts any which way they want. But I like the idea of using / reserving “categories” for site organization purposes.

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